Hospital Innovations

Since 2008, Hospital Innovations has been supplying a growing range of specialist products for use in orthopaedic and corrective surgery. We are a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) licensed establishment, working in partnership with two of the world’s leading tissue banks.

Acumed UK

Acumed blends ingenuity, experience, and resources to create solutions that benefit the medical community as a whole. We understand that innovation is only as important as the total value it brings. Whether it’s creating greater efficiencies for a hospital administrator or adding an extra five degrees of flexibility to a patient’s range of motion,

CJ Medical

CJ Medical Specialising in surgical and medical devices, CJ Medical is committed to facilitating and promoting innovative technologies supported by professional education.Technologies represented by CJ Medical are used by Physicians in complex surgical procedures to reduce inpatient stay, improve quality of life and healthcare outcomes for patients and hospitals.

Mercian Surgical

Mercian has been established since 1968 as a supplier of high quality surgical instruments.We maintain a high reputation in the UK market with our customers within the NHS and the private healthcare sector and are pleased to be able to offer our surgical and medical instruments to new customers worldwide.


NexoBrid Pharmaceutical enzymatic debriding agent which will debride thermal burns within 4 hours of application and is selective only removing the dead tissue and not harming viable tissue

Smith & Nephew

At Smith & Nephew we are pioneers in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) and our products and services have been designed with you and your patients in mind. We believe that every patient who would benefit from NPWT should have the opportunity to use it. And with our revolutionary approach, we're breaking boundaries in NPWT to achieve just that.

Severn Health Care

Severn staff have many years of accumulated experience in Head and Neck surgical specialities. Notably Surgical Voice Restoration, Plastic and Reconstructive microsurgery, monitoring electrodes for the surgical treatment of epilepsy, frame-based stereotaxy in functional Neurosurgery, dural sealants and dural patches and sterile equipment drapes