ConvaTec Surgical Incision Management products are AQUACEL® Surgical dressings and Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound therapy. AQUACEL® Surgical dressings combine ConvaTec’s proprietary hydrocolloid and Hydrofiber® technologies with AQUACEL® Ag Surgical dressings having the added antimicrobial action of ionic silver.

The Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System brings together negative pressure with the power of Hydrofiber® Technology, which is designed to help create an ideal environment for healing.


With a comprehensive range of high performance, clinically proven products including the key brands Atrauman®, Cosmopor®, Hydrofilm® and Zetuvit®, HARTMANN is going further for healing in all stages of the wound treatment process and stands for established expertise and innovative products.


HEALTHCARE 21. Established in 2003, Healthcare 21 is one of Northern Europe’s largest privately owned healthcare companies with operations across the UK, Germany, Austria and Ireland. We are a leading provider of sales, marketing, customer service, engineering service and logistics for a variety of market leading global medtech manufacturers. As a specialist supplier of leading edge healthcare solutions, premium consumables, medical devices, equipment and services to all categories of healthcare providers, we strive to assist clinicians, nursing and professional practitioners, patients and clients in achieving optimal clinical results and enhancing the quality of patient care and outcomes.


KCI, an Acelity Company, is a well trusted brand in advanced wound care. We are a leader in negative pressure wound therapy, providing solutions for both wound healing and surgical management. Our product offerings are available in more than 90 countries and deliver value through solutions that speed healing. KCI is a leader in quality, safety and customer experience and is committed to advancing the science of healing


MERCIAN are a supplier of high quality precision surgical instruments and medical devices. We were established in 1968 in Birmingham, UK and have progressed into one of the foremost companies in the surgical instrument and medical devices field supplying to the NHS and worldwide hospitals. Our products retain a high reputation for quality and innovation


SEVERN Healthcare Technologies may be a new company but in many ways it's a re-constructed company. The Severn commitment to the surgical specialities that we serve is to consistently provide gold standard technologies that are being continuously enhanced by innovation and development, industry leading customer service with competent technical support and quality education programmes. Our ambition is to provide added value in everything that we do, so that our customers have a delightful experience in all their dealings with Severn.


CHASE DE VERE. We have been one of the country’s leading independent financial advisers for 50 years. Some of our clients have been with us for decades. That is because, as well as offering high-calibre, unconstrained advice, we continually strive to make sure our clients are satisfied. Our financial advice spans a wide range of services including pensions, wills, care funding and wealth management as well as business protection, employee benefits and workplace financial education.


QMEDICAL are committed to the development of new products that provide benefits for patients, clinicians and hospitals. Q Medical distributes and markets a range of medical devices. These include SurgiMend (ADM) Polytech implants, Ellman Radio Frequency machines, Ellman medical lasers, infection control and pain relieving products.