1. The Combined Services Plastic Surgery Society annual meeting will be taking place on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 October 2014 on board HMS Bristol and at HMS Excellent, Portsmouth.


2. An academic meeting will be held on the 2 Oct 14 in the Sea Dart Lecture theatre of HMS Bristol. This will allow review of the cadre’s current activities, and consideration of the future with a shift to more contingent activity in the Defence Medical Services.

3. A cadre dinner will be held in the wardroom of HMS Excellent on the evening of 2 Oct 14.

4. Interviews will be held for the trainees and those interested in joining the cadre on the morning of 3 Oct 14, followed by a Specialty Board meeting.


5. Venue. HMS Bristol is alongside at HMS Excellent, Whale Island, Portsmouth. A map is attached at Annex A.

6. Entry to HMS Excellent is through the main gate, where an MOD90 will need to be shown. If staying overnight a car pass will need collecting from the gatehouse on the left as you approach the gate. If attending for just the day, an event pass will need to be collected form the barrier guard at the gate. Please allow for this in planning your journey time.

7. Access to HMS Bristol is through the Royal Navy Sailing Centre slipway. Use the pontoon to reach the forward gangway. As you cross the gangway onto the ship you will need to stand to attention for 2 seconds, and if in uniform with headgear, you must salute. Turn left and proceed to the T-card board where you will be met. If arriving on Wed 1 Oct, then you will be directed to your accommodation. If arriving on Thu 2 Oct, go aft, down the ladder and enter the aft classroom for conference registration.

8. The trade stands and refreshments will be on No 2 deck in the aft classroom and the cadets’ recreation space. The sea dart lecture theatre is on No 4 Deck. There are steep ladders between the decks. A plan of HMS Bristol is attached at Annex B and C.

9. The conference dinner will be in the wardroom of HMS Excellent. Reception drinks will be offered in the main bar, and dinner will be served in the main dining room. The wardroom is a brief walk from the ship (Annex A).

10. Smoking on HMS Bristol is only allowed on No 02 Deck accessed via a gangway on the port side. Cigarettes are to be disposed of in the bins provided and not thrown overboard. Smoking in HMS Excellent is only allowed in designated areas.

11. Timings.

a. Wednesday 1st Oct. The ship is manned 24 hours a day, arrival is therefore possible at any time, however, please plan to arrive at a reasonable hour.

b. Thursday 2nd Oct.

i. Registration and buffet breakfast will open at 08:00.

ii. Academic programme will start at 08:50 with a welcome from the Commanding Officer of HMS Bristol (Annex D).

iii. Breaks to allow refreshments and to visit the trade stands will be at 10:50 and 15:40.

iv. Lunch and visiting the trade stands will start at 13:05

v. Academic programme will conclude at 17:30.

vi. Reception drinks will be offered from 19:30.

vii. Dinner served at 20:00.

c. Friday 3rd Oct.

i. TJs breakfast baps from 08:30 (Annex E).

ii. Juniors’ interviews from 09:00.

iii. Burns and Plastic nursing cadre meeting 09:00.

iv. Specialty Board meeting 13:00.

v. Close of meeting 15:00.


12. Control. Point of contact for CSPSS from 01st Oct to 3rd Oct is Surg Cdr Jason J Smith on 07773 787388 or Nicky Bianco on 07879 895685.

13. Transport. Delegates are to make their own way to HMS Bristol. A car pass will be available, if details were given on the registration form. There is no parking specifically for HMS Bristol, the yellow hatch lined area is for the RNSC only. Unloading from a nearby car park is possible before relocating to a visitors’ car park.

14. Accommodation. Accommodation is arranged onboard HMS Bristol in the available cabins. Bed linen is provided. Bring own personal wash kit and towel. The showers are not ensuite. Footwear must be worn at all times when moving about the ship and dressing gowns are useful.

15. Victuals. The catering arrangements for the CSPSS are as follows:

a. Wednesday 1st Oct. No catering is being provided. Pay as you dine is available in the relevant messes on HMS Excellent. If travel plans are known and you would be interested in eating out then please contact us and a table can be reserved. There

is a cash bar onboard from 18:00-22:15, and a plethora of takeaway menus are provided.

b. Thursday 2nd Oct.

i. Breakfast. Buffet continental breakfast amongst trade stands

ii. Lunch. Buffet sandwich assortment amongst trade stands

iii. Dinner. Formal dinner in HMS Excellent wardroom.

c. Friday 3rd Oct.

i. Breakfast baps from TJs. Arrangements are being made to collect breakfast baps from the café on base. An assortment of bacon, or sausage baps will be collected. If you have a preference please forward breakfast order from

Annex D. To allow ordering of stock, I must have replies by 24 Sep.

16. Clothing.

a. Daytime. Rig for delegates at the conference is working rig. For females, if there is an option, trousers are recommended, with flat shoes.

b. Presenters are requested to wear 1C for RN, No 1s for RAF and No 2s (service dress equivalent) for army. No medals.

c. Conference dinner. Mess undress for Officers (2B for RN). Mess dress or civilianm equivalent for other ranks. Black tie for civilians.

J J Smith Surgeon Commander
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


A. Map of HMS Excellent

B. Plan of HMS Bristol – arrival & accommodation

C. Plan of HMS Bristol – conference locations

D. Provisional Academic Programme

E. Breakfast order