Combined Services Plastic Surgery Society Meeting 2011

Thursday 3rd November 2011 Venue:- Lecture Theatre 1

SESSION 1 – Wounds, Dressings and the Big Picture. Chair Mr Simon Heppell & Mr Dominic Power

1905 - 0915hrs ‘Plastic surgical workload in the Role 3 setting’ - Lt Col Shehan Hettiaratchy and Cdr Rory Rickard’

SESSION 2 – Reconstruction. Chair Mr Steve Jeffery & Mr Henk Giele.1100 - 1110hrs ‘'Boundaries that are Blurred' - Lt(Q) Vic Long

SESSION 3 – Hand Trauma & Peripheral Nerve Injury. Mr Ankur Pandya & Mr Darren Chester1330 - 1340hrs 'Methaemoglobinaemia in upper limb trauma: a case report'.—Ms Emma Baston, Mr Yezen Sheena and Mr Darren Chester.

SESSION 4 – Innovation; Something Old, Something New and Something Borrowed! Chair Demetius Everidies & Mr Garth Titley15.15 - 1525hrs ‘The treatment of mature burns scars with fractional CO2 laser’ - DrTapan Patel

0800 – 0830hrs Sponsors Arrive and set up displays

0830 – 0900hrs Registration and Tea

0900 – 0905hrs Academic Programme – Major Mark Foster

 0915 – 0925hrs ‘Impact of Burns on Role 3 Infrastructure: Analysis of Burns Cases Managed at Camp Bastion Hospital in 2010.’ - Capt Johann Jeevaratnam and Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya.

0930 - 0940hrs 'Use of Hilotherm device improves post-operative analgesia in lower limb stump revision surgery?'- Mr Yezen Sheena and Lt Col Steve Jeffery.

0940 - 0950hrs A Study of the associated incidence and pattern of upper limb trauma in bilateral lower limb amputations in Op Herrick –
            An Analysis of 221 consecutive cases – Maj George Wheble and Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya

0950 - 1025hrs ‘The broken ladder – an overview of reconstruction of the upper limb following IED injury’- Mr Darren Chester.

1030 - 1100hrs Tea/Coffee

1110 - 1120hrs ‘Ameliorating the inflammatory response in Trauma’ - Maj Mark Foster, Lt Col Steve Jeffery, Surg Capt Mark Midwinter

1120 – 1130hrs 'Pedicled abdominal wall flap for soft tissue cover of the upper limb.’ - Surg Cdr Jason Smith

1130 - 1140hrs ‘The novel use of osteocutaneous fillet flaps to preserve limb length in upper and lower extremity blast injuries.’ -
            Maj CJ Taylor & Wg Cdr D Evriviades

1145 - 1125hrs ‘Upper limb repair in military trauma - Challenges, problems and some solutions’ - Mr Garth Titley.

1230 - 1330hrs Lunch

 1345 - 1355hrs ‘Plastic Rapid Access, Diagnosis and Action (PRADA) clinic for Hand Trauma - a review of service 12 months post conception’
        - GAC Wheble, KH Tan, AN Pandya

1400 - 1440hrs Combat peripheral nerve injuries – Mr Dominic Power

1445 - 1515hrs Afternoon Tea

1525 – 1535hrs ‘White powder events and the increasing demands on plastic and reconstructive surgeons.’ - Mr Zeeshan Ahmad & Maj Mark Foster.1930 Regimental Dinner - Venue: Combined Mess, DMS Whittington.Lichfield

1535 - 1545hrs ‘The Impact of Gender Reassignment Surgery on Military Plastic Surgery:
            Audit of current and previous service personnel at a major gender reassignment centre between 2003-2011.’ - Ms Natasha Wielogorska.

1545-1555hrs 'Vacuum splintage dressing: a new indication?' - Mr Richard Thomson, Mr Yezen Sheena, Maj Chris Taylor, Mr Darren Chester, Mr Garth Titley.

1555 - 1630hrs ‘Biological bone reconstruction in the upper limb – Mr Henk Giele.

1630hrs Tour of Hospital.

Friday 4th November 2011 Venue:- DMS Whittington

TBC – Intro

0900 - 0915hrs. Plastic Surgery where we are? Group Captain Godwin Scerri

0915 - 0945hrs. Surgeon General’s Policy and Initiatives. Brig Robin Cordell

0945 - 1015hrs. Writing Reports. The OJAR dispelling the myths. Mr Lindsay Simpson.

1015 - 1115hrs. Consultants’ Meeting (Registrars may be invited)

1115 - 1145hrs. Hot Tips for Service Writing within DII/Email.

1200hrs Trainee interviews. Cdr Rory Rickard and Lt Col Simon Heppell