Outline Programme 2013

Thursday 3rd October 2013

0830h-0900h: Registration & coffee

0900h-0910h: Welcome & housekeeping points

0910h-0930h: “State of the Union” by Col Alan Kay Defence Consultant Advisor in Burns & Plastic Surgery

Session One: Performance Improvement 0930h - 1100h

Chairman: Major Hettiaratchy

The individual: Major Graham Lawton, NICE scholar TIG fellow and trainee plastic surgeon

The team: Lt Col Doug Bowley, Consultant Advisor Army & colorectal surgeon

The network: Lt Col. Christopher Wright ED consultant Imperial HealthCare NHS Trust

The specialty: Graeme Perks President of BAPRAS

Coffee & Visit Sponsors 1100h- 1130h

Session Two: Lessons from other sectors & discussions 1130-1210h

Chairman: Major Graham Lawton

“Organisations people….and performance.”

Terry Neill

Lunch & visit our sponsors 1210 - 1310h

Session three:

Trainee experience and improving the trainee 1310h - 1450h

Chairman Col Alan Kay

“How do we train our pilots?”

“Aircrew Training, Progression and Standardization within Army Aviation.”

Howard Floyd

“How do we train our surgeons?”

Lt L. Maitland RAMC: The Army medical student experience.

Capt. R.Thomas RAMC: The Army GDMO experience.

Major N. Martin RAMC: The Army surgical registrar experience.

Session Four

“The Unseen Enemy”

Amy Cameron National Army Museum

Afternoon coffee 1450h - 1520h

Session four: Research Presentations 1520-1730h

Chairwoman Lt Col Tania Cubison

1. Immuno-endocrine response to trauma- the SIR study

Major Mark Foster RAMC

2. The East Grinstead contribution to the Care of DMS Casualties

Sivaloganathan S, Martin N, Cubison T

3. The effect of obesity on outcomes following amputation and reconstructive tissue flaps for limb injuries

Sellars H.

4. Assessment of the presence of independent flexor digitorum superficialis function in the small fingers of professional string players: Is this an example of natural selection?

Godwin Y, Wheble G, Feig C

5. The Vascularised Bone flaps in Complex Acute Hand trauma-The Birmingham Hand Centre experience.

Mishra A, Gupta M, Jose J, Power D, Tan S, Titley G, Chester D, Evriviades D

6. Closing time: does it matter in the soft tissue reconstruction of open tibial fractures?

Wordsworth M, Lawton G, Jain A, Simmons J, Hettiaratchy S

7. Facial Blast Injuries in Afghanistan

Wordsworth M Breeze J Baden J Hettiaratchy S

In-situ break 5 minutes

8. Cutaneous Radiation Injury: Current & Future Therapeutic Strategies

Jeevaratnam J, Hallam M, Cubison T

9. Can all Core Trainees meet the burns specific criteria Specifications for Entry to ST3?

Howes R, Cubison T

10. Nerve Transfers in the Upper limb- The Birmingham Hand Center Experience

Mishra A, Miller C, Tan S, Power D

11. Tranexamic Acid; is the evidence being applied?

Yim G, Clarkson A, Porter K, Midwinter M

12. “If you could just take a few minutes to fill out this survey…”

Wielogorska N

13. War Injuries to the Upper Limb in UK personnel – A Quantitative Analysis

Staruch RMT Hettiaratchy S Kay A Chester D

14. Traumatic Lower Limb Amputation From Resuscitation to Reconstruction - Comparing the Military and Civilian Experience at QEHB

Staruch RMT, Jackson PC, Yim G, Hodson J, Foster MA, Cubison T, Jeffery SLA

Close of meeting

Friday 4th October 2013

0800h Breakfast

0900h Tour of Lynx & Apache simulators

1000h AMD MS presentation for juniors

Hand out CA (Army) OJAR proformas

Hand out AMD (SU) OJAR proformas

1030h Briefing from Col Kay

1100h Individual trainee interviews