Outline Programme


Thursday 21 October 2010


Venue:                         The McGregor Room, The Former Army Staff College, Sandhurst, Camberley


08:00-08:30                   Sponsors arrive and set up displays in the Rawlinson Hall


08:30-09:00                   Registration – tea, coffee and pastries in Rawlinson Hall


09:00-09:05                   Academic Programme / Housekeeping / Administration Issues

                                    Lt Col James Baden, Lt Col Tania Cubison


09:05-09:30                   Welcome

                                    Military Plastic Surgery Overview – Where We Are Now

                                    Lt Col Alan Kay


SESSION 1                   Wound Management - Dressings and Prosthetics


                                    Chairman: Lt Col S Jeffery & Surg Cdr R Rickard


09:30-09:40                   Intermittently variable Topical Negative Pressure therapy for wound care

Capt Robert Staruch


09:40-09:50                   The development of a dressing to reduce the damaging effects of exposure to sulphur mustard

Dr S Elizabeth James


09:50-10:10                   Prosthetics at Headley Court

Mr Ian Jones


10:10-10:20                   Heterotopic ossification in a combat related above knee amputation:  A case report.

Surg Lt Cdr Jason Smith


10:20-10:30                   The ‘Cigar Roll’ Flap for Nipple Areola Complex (NAC) Reconstruction: A Novel Technique

Capt  Rachel Thomas


10:30-10:40                   Inflammatory pathways after trauma- can plastic surgeons work it out?

Maj Shehan Hettiaratchy


10:40-10:50                   Discussion


10:50-11:00                   Burns Montage

                                    Maj Niall Martin             


11:00-11.30                   Coffee and Visit to Trade Stands In Rawlinson Hall



SESSION 2                   Peripheral Nerve Injury


                                    Chairman: Gp Capt G Scerri & Lt Col S Heppell


11:30-11:40                   Possible solution to the nerve gap in the military poly-trauma patient.

Maj GS Lawton


11:40-12:30                   The treatment of segmental nerve injury

Prof Rolfe Birch


12:30-12:40                   Helping the Heroes: A 6 month review

                                    Maj Mark Foster

 12:40-12:50                   The surgical management of injectional anthrax  

                                    Capt Sivan Sivaloganathan


12:50-13:00                   The surgeon need not always go to war…

Maj Niall Martin


13:00-13:10                   Discussion


13:10-14:10                   Lunch in the Rawlinson Hall and Visit to Trade Stands



SESSION 3                   Transplantation and Tissue Transfer


                                    Chairman: Lt Col A Kay &  Maj S Hettiaratchy


14:10-14:20                   Can free-flaps be performed in acutely unwell military trauma patients?

Surg Lt Cdr Anton Fries


14:20-14:30                   Semi-Quantitative Histological Assessment of Two Techniques of End-to-End Microarterial Anastomosis with a Small-to-Large Diameter Discrepancy

Surg Cdr Rory Rickard


14:30-15:10                   Composite Tissue Transplant – Distant concept or present reality

Prof Peter Butler


15:10-15:20                   The use of cadavers in plastic surgical training

Capt Hannah Sellars



SESSION 4                   Genitourethral reconstruction


                                    Chairman: Lt Col Cubison and Surg Cdr D Ayers


15:20-15:30                   Military genitor-urinary trauma - past present and future

Major C Taylor


15:30-16:10                   Spectrum of genitourethral reconstructive surgery: Application to servicemen returning from Afghanistan or Iraq

                                    Mr Paul Anderson


16:10-16:20                   Plastic Surgery involvement with cluster bomb injuries in Lebanon

Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya


16:20-16:30                   Haiti Earthquake

                                    Mr Anthony Roberts


16:30-16:40                   Heterogeneity of Burn TBSA Calculation on the MOST Course

Maj Niall Martin


16:40-16:50                   Discussion


16:50-17:20                   Afternoon tea and Biscuits – Visit to Trade Stands in Rawlinson Hall


17:20                            Close of academic programme


17:20-17:50                   Junior’s Forum – Training for Deployment


17:50-18:20                   Consultant Forum – Deployment Issues


                                    (Cash bar available from 18.30)


19:30-20:00                   Drinks reception for Dinner (Mess Undress/ Black Tie + medals)



Friday 22 October 2010


Venue                          The Library, The Former Army Staff College, Sandhurst, Camberley


08:00-10:00                   Burns Specialist Meeting


09:00-10:00                   Breakfast buffet in library with tea and coffee


Venue                          Green Room, The Former Army Staff College, Sandhurst, Camberley


08:30-09:00                   DCA’s SHO’s Brief for Potential Plastic Surgical Trainees


09:00-10:45                   Trainee Interviews with DCA



Trainees Interviews


09:00-09:15                   Maj Mark Foster

09:15-09:30                   Surg Lt Cdr Anton Fries

09:30-09:45                   Maj Graham Lawton

09:45-10:00                   Maj Niall Martin

10:00-10:15                   Surg Lt Cdr Jason Smith

10:15-10:30                   Maj Chris Taylor

10:30-10:45                   Lt Col James Baden

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